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Electronic music encompasses a wide variety of genres and styles. And New Dreamers doesn’t limit the format to any strict theme. Many shows are dedicated to a theme each week to expose the listener to the variety of electronic music being created. Themes such as Electronica or EDM (Electronic Dance Music), could be classified as pop music if they are lyrically based, therefor, in an attempt to expose listeners to other forms of music they may not hear on commercial radio, New Dreamers sets itself apart by focusing on instrumental music. Spoken word is often a compromise and a theme to allow words or stories to be a part of the show. ¬†Other themes include Experimental, Ambient, and New Age music. These themes provide music that ranges from environmental sounds to beautiful melodies. Another favorite theme is music focused on the electric guitar. Many times this theme rocks out, but other times the music may be soft soundscapes or distortion or other common electric guitar effects. Also included as themes are sub genres such as Glitch, Trip Hop, Dub Step, etc. If you have a theme you would like to propose, please contact the host and provide examples of a theme.